What are the Cheapest areas to rent a flat in Greater Manchester?


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Much of Salford borough itself is cheap, but often isn’t such a great place to live. Yet most of the places which are a bit nicer andcheap tend to be much further out. It really depends on exactly where in Salford you need to be, how you mean to travel, and whether you’re happy with a bad area. Public transport isn’t cheap, so if you’re expecting to keep costs low, you want to be near enough to walk or bike.

Seconding the advice that Salford is cheap, but that tends to be for a reason. However, moving further out will increase your transport costs and while the options for getting there are plentiful, some are easier than others. Areas that are considered nice are Didsbury and Chorlton, they usually have a few house shares for young professionals that might squeak into your budget. You should also be able to get the tram from those areas into Salford, but be aware that it gets more than a bit busy at rush hour. Failing that, you could look at Old Trafford, Stretford and Urmston. Sale and Altrincham are also on the tram line and the right side of south Manchester to get to Salford fairly easily, but might cost a little more. Fallowfield is popular with students but avoid Moss Side at all costs.

Mr Fearnhead’s company is a property crowd-funding platform, which has eight sites across Greater Manchester developing housing.

He believes “forward-thinking councils” encourage development, helping provide more affordable housing, but argued that some councils “discourage development”.

Market forces, he added, should be left to themselves because if nobody could afford to buy a property the price would come down.

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