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Interior Design Trends That are Coming in 2018

If you’re all about rest and relaxation, you’ll be really glad next year. That’s because the in thing, when it comes to furniture, are the big ones that helps you relax more. Just imagine your weekends, with your favorite book in one hand and a cup of coffee in another as you sit back in a large sofa chair. Now isn’t that the ideal way for you to spend your time? Before the new year comes, better start scouring every store and online shop to find those huge and laid-back furniture right away.

2018 will be the year when brown and beige will make their comeback and invade the interior design scene. These colors are far from the loud ones some people use inside their homes. At the same time, they are also different from cooler shades because they exhibit an earthy tone for your homes. Brown and beige exude a sense of quiet strength and calmness that is commonly associated with elements of the earth. If you’re looking for new colors to place inside your home, brown and beige are your best bets for 2018.

Wide Windows with a minimalist design for the frames

There’s just something about a home that’s well-lit. It’s livelier and has a certain character you can’t deny. This is the reason why you need to install huge windows to let more of the sun’s light into your home. Your interiors will benefit from the additional brightness to drive any trace of gloom away. Plus, everything will seem warmer and being motivated will be no problem at all.

At the same time, using window frames that have a minimalist design will really look astounding inside your home. These frames highlight your windows without causing any further distractions. This design element will really look amazing and complement your outdoor landscapes or gardens well.

Top interior trends for 2018

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Statement colour

If you didn’t brave a statement colour in 2017 then 2018 could be your year, as popping paint is set to stick around.

A deep blue will create drama in your dining room, whilst a dark grey will transform your bedroom from basic to boudoir. If you want to take things even further, try a patterned paper. Matthew Williamson’s Flamingo Club paper combines antique gold, cerise, coral and jade plus an eye-catching pattern which is guaranteed to add a little ‘wow factor’ to your home.


This year it’s not just about look but touch too. Despite dark colours being ‘in’, this trend proves it’s not all about colour. You’re likely to see more textures than ever before. Items with a natural handmade vibe will be increasingly popular so don’t be afraid to mix up different textiles.

This wall hanging from Rose and Grey, is guaranteed to make a strong style statement on a plain wall, despite the natural hues. The addition of a rattan chair (you could try this one from Tikamoon) and tribal-inspired cushion from Matalan will create a cosy corner. Add to that this unique handwoven rug from French Connection and you can add both depth and character to your room.


Metallic accents are the perfect way to add glamour in your home. This year say goodbye to copper and rose gold and hello to more industrial shades such as brass and nickel.

If you only want to make subtle changes, Cox and Cox‘s brass and glass trinket box is the perfect accessory whilst Made‘s brass mirror can add a luxe touch. But if you want to make a real statement you could try adding an art deco style bar trolley like this one from Atkin & Thyme – guaranteed to take your living room from casual to cool.

Dark woods

You’re likely to see a furniture switch up this year as bleached woods are set to be replaced with darker wood tones. Unlike light woods which can add a beachy or Nordic feel, darker woods can add a sense of warmth and luxury.

This super sleek console table from Swoon Editions can add an industrial twist and a stylish storage option. However, if you’re wanting to stick with a Scandi style, this walnut coffee table from Dunelm would be a quirky and useful introduction to your home and of course, in line with this year’s interior trends.

New neutral

Magnolia was once the go-to neutral, followed by white and of course now, grey. Grey has, and does, still provide the perfect base for any room – whether you want a cool or warm tone, you can always find the right shade. However, this year the interior trends have changed, and there’s a new neutral in town. Say hello to sage.

Pinterest searches for sage are up 170% and we can see why. It’s soft and subtle but also striking. It’s rich yet very versatile too and it oozes feelings of nature and serenity.

Crown‘s Mellow Sage in Matt is an easy choice, whilst Farrow & Ball‘s Vert de Terre promises a chalky finish and a colour reminiscent of the pigment green earth.

Interior Design Trends of 2018

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1. Bold colors

Designers haven’t yet had their fill of spaces decked out in deep, bold shades; this decor trend is appearing on our hot list for the second year in a row.

“As much as I love an all-white interior, rich jewel tones are making their way onto our walls and moldings in a big way—think ‘English library,’ but with peacock teal, black, or rich burnt orange colors,” says Oregon-based interior designer Arlene Lord.

The proof is in the paint: Sherwin-Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year (Oceanside SW 6496) is an intense shade of blue-green, while Pantone recently announced the rich and regal Ultra Violet will reign supreme in the coming year.

Lord recommends pairing these jewel tones with bold, dustier shades to create a lush, layered look. (We like PPG’s Black Flame, an indigo-hued black that’s great for modern interiors; Glidden’s Deep Onyx, a classic no-fuss shade; and Olympic’s Black Magic.)

“Dipping a room in a dramatic shade like midnight navy, eggplant, or charcoal is a fun way to embrace a deep, rich color, and the result is deliciously inviting,” says Elissa Morgante, co-principal of Morgante Wilson Architects in Illinois.

Ready to really commit? Go all-in on this trend with dark or black trim.

“Outlining the room or windows in dark trim helps punctuate and call attention to unique features,” she says.

2. Mixed metallics

A few years back, mixing metals was a total no-no. But experts now agree that today’s homeowners want more than simple one or two copper or brass fixtures—they like seeing the stuff throughout a room or house.

“Buyers really love to see modern, eclectic choices such as a hammered copper light fixture above the kitchen island paired with sleek chrome faucets and cabinet hardware,” says Ken Fixler of Barnett Homes in Chicago.

To warm up the industrial feel of some metals, pair them with a natural stone like marble or limestone, and look for unexpected finishes like matte black, satin brass, black nickel, and unlacquered brass. Amp up the visual interest another notch by layering your metals across a variety of locations, from faucets to hardware to lighting and furniture.

3. Gen Z yellow

As usual, Beyoncé was way ahead of the curve on this one, smashing car windows and security cameras in an unforgettable yellow Cavalli dress in her epic video for “Lemonade.” And as designers, fashionistas, and millennials will all tell you, the hue that’s being dubbed “Gen Z yellow” is the one to watch.

Karen Wolf, of Karen B Wolf Interiors, calls it “positive, confident, vibrant, and enthusiastic.”

“We have not seen this color emerge for quite some time,” Wolf adds. “It feels fresh, happy, and young.”

Designer Sarah Hullinger agrees, predicting the color will continue to be huge well into 2018.

“It’ll certainly make an impression, whether a bright ‘minion’ color or a burnt shade resembling curry or turmeric,” she says.

If you can’t quite warm up to the idea of, say, a bright yellow sectional, test the waters with an accent chair or painted side table.

4. Quartz

In the kitchen, sleek quartz is taking the place of the ubiquitous granite and hard-to-clean marble.

“Quartz products are appealing to the ease of living that we all crave, and the surfaces are much more modern, clean, and versatile,” Lord says.

5. Light, textured wood floors

“Red-toned woods are fading in popularity, along with tropical exotic species” like Brazilian cherry or walnut, says Armstrong Flooring design manager Sara Babinski.

Instead, flooring trends are moving toward lighter color palettes in domestic American woods such as maple, pine, or hickory, she says.

Why? Light-hued woods—including natural tones and blond and whitewashed woods—brighten interior spaces and hide imperfections more easily, making them a great choice for families and households with pets. For extra credit, choose a distressed or wire-brushed wood, which offers vintage appeal with a less aggressive look than a scraped floor, and choose 5-inch-wide planks, which create a sense of openness and interior space.